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Here are some things you need to know about opting out…


– If you choose to opt out of behavioural advertising using the opt out page, it is important to remember that it does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising when you are using the internet. However, it does mean that the advertising you see displayed on the websites that you visit will not be customised to you and your interests and may be less relevant to you.


– If you choose to opt out of a particular provider of behavioural advertising it will only apply to that particular business’ data collection and use for behavioural advertising purposes on the web browser you are using. Likewise, if you choose to opt out of all behavioural advertising by the providers listed, it will only apply to the web browser you are using.  You will need to follow the same process on every different web browser you use on the same and/or different computers or devices. Please note that if there are separate user accounts on a computer within a household you are able to tailor your preferences to each account. See our five top tips.


– If you have opted out of behavioural advertising and then decide that you’d prefer to receive advertising relevant to your interests, you can opt in using the same form on our opt out page. Alternatively, you can delete the cookies on your web browser. See our five top tips for doing this.


– If you are having any particular or ongoing problems with using our opt out page please see below.


Are you having problems using the opt out tool on this website?


– There are a number of factors that might affect the performance of the opt out page which are outside our control.  These include problems with your internet connection, corporate network security or web browser settings.


– If you are experiencing problems opting out using the links we have provided on this website, we suggest you firstly try again.


If the problem remains, see below.


– The various opt out tools provided are cookie based. Therefore you must set your web browser to accept third party cookies for the opt out to work successfully. Visit our five top tips to find out more about setting the privacy settings on the web browser you’re using.


– We have developed a browser extension to help preserve your choices. Please install it as indicated. This will stop the cookies that preserve your choices from being accidentally deleted.


– For more information and support you can also visit the specific help page of the web browser that you are using: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome


– If the problem remains, you can download our trouble shooting check list or use this form to get in touch with us.