Make a complaint

If you have a complaint about interest-based advertising, there are several simple steps you need to take for us to help resolve the matter.


Step One


Below is a simple check-list to follow which may help address your query or complaint:


1. Does your complaint relate to the content of an advertisement? If so please visit the regulator for advertising content, the Advertising Standards Authority

2. Is the complaint about financial advertising (eg mortgage products, general insurance or savings/bank accounts)? If so please visit the Financial Services Authority.

3. Do you want to opt-out of behavioural advertising? If so, please visit our opt out page.
4. Are you having trouble opting-out of behavioural advertising using the links on this website? If so please visit our opt out help page.
5. Are you still receiving behavioural advertising after having already opted out? If so please visit our FAQs.
6. Do you have a query about the privacy settings in your web browser? If so please visit our five top tips page.
7. Do you have a general query or concern about behavioural advertising and would like to know more? If so please visit our FAQs.


Step Two


If you are still having problems and wish to make a formal complaint about an instance of interest-based advertising, you can do so by contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).