The EDAA Trust Seal

Companies Participating in the European Self-Regulatory Programme on OBA have to go through various steps in order to highlight their compliance with the EU Principles on OBA.

After self-certifying their compliance, companies have to go complete an independent certification of compliance with one of the four EDAA-approved Certification Providers. The goal, is to ensure that companies not only state that they provide transparency, choice and control for consumers’ online ad preferences but that this is independently checked. This is a layer of accountability that is benefic for both consumers and the Industry as a whole.

The Certification Providers are approved by the EDAA as offering credible and efficient solutions for company certification, and may therefore grant (and withdraw) the EDAA Trust Seal based on compliance with the Programme.

They are fully independent of the industry and the EDAA. The requirement of the audit by an independent body was a key element of the Programme resulting from initial discussions and scoping through the self-regulatory approach with the European Commission, in order to ensure that Self-Regulation can deliver solid and substantial results for the consumers.

Following a comprehensive and thorough 30-day monitoring period, successful companies are awarded with the EDAA Trust Seal, highlighting good standing and responsibility to the business community and consumers.

Certified companies