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Browser extension (beta)

YourOnlineChoices beta browser extension


To help improve the persistency of your choices expressed through the Consumer Choice page, we have created a browser extension, available currently in Beta version for Chrome and Firefox. This browser extension is designed to help the accidental removal of the cookies from your browser that store these choices.


How the beta extension works


The YourOnlineChoices beta browser extension works to preserve your choices expressed on This applies specifically for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) from participating companies. The websites you visit may still be collecting information for other purposes than OBA. Also, the participating companies may continue to deliver ads to you – but these will not be based on your interests or browsing habits.
As more companies join the European Self-Regulatory Programme on OBA, they will be added to the Ad Choices page. There is no intervention required from you as a consumer to update the plugin; however, you should note that if new companies are joining the Programme your options will not be automatically set-up, and therefore we encourage you to visit the Ad Choices page from time to time.
Also, you should note that the extension and your respective choices work only in the browser you are using, therefore you should set your choices and preserve them in each browser and computer you may use. This extension is currently in beta and will be updated from while to while.


YourOnlineChoices beta extension for Chrome


The YourOnlineChoices browser extension is available in the Chrome Web store here:


YourOnlineChoices beta extension for Firefox


The YourOnlineChoices browser extension is available in the Firefox Add-ons repository here:


YourOnlineChoices beta extension for Internet Explorer


The YourOnlineChoices browser extension is available in the Internet Explorer Add-ons repository here: (32-bit), (64-bit).