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Ads, the internet & the icon revealed

Ads, the internet & the icon – revealed

Ads & the cost of content

Just like TV, advertising helps fund the email, news, videos, social networks, music and more that you like to interact with and enjoy online. Without ads, you’d have to pay around £44* per month per household for web services.

* Consumers driving the digital uptake – McKinsey September 2010

More relevant ads

When you see the icon (the little triangle), you’re hopefully seeing ads that are more interesting to you, rather than ads that are just meant for everyone.

How does it all work?

The iconTo make ads relevant, brands need to know a little bit about what you like – but not who you are. When you see the icon (the little triangle), it means some info is being used to provide you with more relevant ads.

Tune in! See how it all works

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